Lori Beth Denberg was a cast member from Season One to Season Four.


Picture Character

Vital Information Anchor

Lori Beth hosted Vital Information during her entire run on the show. She was replaced by Danny Tamberelli for Season Five and Season Six. When the sketch was revived in Season Ten, Lil JJ took over. First apppeared in Episode 101 - Da Brat


Miss Fingerly

Teacher at Dulmont Jr. High School. She is perky and will often tell jokes and puns. For example, she once entered her classroom saying "sorry I'm tardy, but my car overheated. Guess you can say I have a hot car." She'll also make ironic statements such as "the classroom is no place to express yourself", "the classroom is no place for research", etc. First appeared in Episode 115 (Pilot) - TLC/Phil Moore, in a sketch where she strictly enforced that everything must be shared with the entire class. Her character was later replaced by Miss Klump, who was played by Christy Knowings.


Connie Muldoon

A frequent customer at Good Burger. She tends to speak fast and has weird customs such as "not believing in motor vehicles."


Miss Hushbaum

A librarian with an extremely low tolerance for noise, despite being the loudest person in the library. She's played drums, talked on the phone, marched with a marching band, faught a martial artist, etc. Her catchphrases include "Silence (or quiet), this is a library!", "read the signs!", "silence, or violence!", "I hear you...(murmurring, whisphering, etc.)", and "you talk, you walk!" First appeared in Episode 216 - Naughty By Nature.



A short-tempered Island Girl who just wants to leave the deserted island and go home. Unfortunately, she has to deal with Kiki, who constantly ruins chances for escape.


Complaint Department Receptionist

The dim-witted clerk at the Complaint Department. Its amazing she qualified for her job, judging her stupidity. She can't even handle the simplist of requests. She even fell in love with Ed in Episode 475 - LL Cool J, since he equally mentally challenged.


Sweaty Woman

A woman who is randomly always sweating, and has been around Superdude on a few occasions. First appeared in Episode 339 - Montell Jordan, during the Superdude Vs. YoGurl sketch.

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