Katrina Johnson was a cast member from Season One-Season Three. She left during the mid-season of Season Three. She is currently a co-host on Unscripted Radio, an online radio show.


Picture Character

H. Ross Perot

Katrina's characterization of the politician of the same name H. Ross Perot . He mostly appeared in sketches with Earboy, as his friend and advisor. Perot has 4 Billion dollars, and will constantly remind people. Due to his mass wealth, he is also extremely eccentric, along with being "one hungry psycho" for Pizza Face. He constantly has a cackling laugh.


Lemonade Scammer

A girl who sells lemonade, but is notorious for scamming her customers in various ways. She'll often demand a high price, and she'll cry claiming that "my mother said if I don't..." to guilt trip her customers to give in. She first appeared in Episode 102 - TLC, where she even scammed TLC.


Lactose Intolerant Explanation Girl

Whenever it is mentioned that Superdude is lactose intolerant, she'll instantly appear to explain what it means. She is presumed to be the same girl that Superdude defended from Milk Man in Episode 102 - TLC , and she has been close by Superdude ever since. She was later replaced by Amanda Bynes in Season Four and Season Five.


Roseanne Barr

Katrina's characterization of the actress of the same name Roseanne Barr . She first appeared in Episode 112 - Usher badly teaching an aerobics class. The only thing she taught her class to do was turn on a TV with a remote and eat fried chicken. She later appeared in Episode 222 - Monteco during an Okrah sketch, where she reveals to have karate-osis. She also appeared in Episode 224 - Subway, where she became Dr. K's guest co-host.



Katrina's characterization of the same character from The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy ends up in the land of Coz, after not wanting to take a shower. She later wants to return home because "there's no place like my shower."

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