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Phil Moore

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Episode 101 - Da Brat

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Cold Open - Cool Shoes


Baggin' Saggin' Barry: The Camping Trip


Luck E. Cheese

Phil Moore tries to get into Luck E. Cheese, but can't get past the bouncer (Katrina).

Dueling Urkels

There are two Urkels played by Kel and Angelique, both trying to prove they are the real Urkel.


Annie tries to sing, but dust falls on her.

Miss Fingerly in "Did you Bring Enough for the Whole Class?"

If you bring anything into Miss Fingerly's class, you'd better make sure you have enough for the rest of the class- even if you bring in a bowl of pudding or your little brother.

GLORP - Gooey Leftover Refrigerator Puss

It's what happens to leftovers that are left in the refrigerator for too long. If you don't eat them, they'll eat you!


Annie tries to sing again, but is interrupted by an explosion.



Earboy is taunted by the other kids at school because of his large ears. So he seeks advice from H. Ross Perot, who sends him to a new school where he meets Pizza Face, Four Eyes, and Tinsel Teeth.



Annie tries to sing again, but is taken away by two agents.

Musical Guest: TLC ("What About Your Friends")
Mavis and Clavis Comment On Performance

Leap Froggy Frog

Alisa interviews Leap Frogggy Frog. Featuring TLC.


  • This is the show's pilot.
  • First appearance of Baggin' Saggin' Barry, Angelique Bates's portrayal of Urkel, Miss Fingerly,Earboy, and Mavis and Clavis.
  • Pizza Face is not portrayed by Kel Mitchell in his appearance in this episode.
  • Phil Moore , who makes an appearance during the Luck E. Cheez sketch, hosted Nick Arcade and You're On
  • This is the only episode aside from Season Seven - Season Nine to not have Vital Information.
  • Kevin the stage manager is absent.
  • Dan Schneider plays the victim in the GLORP sketch.
  • This is TLC's first performance on the show. They would later perform again in Episode 102 - TLC.
  • The visuals for the opening theme song are completely different from Season One-Season Three. The theme song was re-filmed later on, when production for Season One started. The regular version of the opening would later be used for re-runs of this episode as a part of the rotation.