Episode 104



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Craig Mack

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Episode 105 - Brandy

Picture Description
All That S1 Ep5 CO

Cold Open: TV or Not TV?

Katrina accidentally glues her face to a TV set. Since she and Kel have to both be cavemen in a sketch, Kel decides to glue his own face to a TV set.

All That S1 Ep5 Randy and Mandy

Cooking with Randy and Mandy: Chocolator

Randy and Mandy demonstrate their new invention, the "chocolator."


Dog Day Afternoon

Alex (Josh Server) mistakes a family for having his lost dog, while the family mistakes him for their daughter's boyfriend.


Show & Tell (a "spleen-derful" visit)

The Allergy

Vital Information


Katrina and Gassy

Katrina and her cow Gassy introduce Craig Mack.

All That Season 1 Ep5 MG Craig Mack
Musical guest: Craig Mack ("Flava in Ya Ear")

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