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All That Season 1 Ep 4 CO

Cold Open: Cast Tells Scary Story

All That Season 1 Ep 4 JB

Jimmy Bond, Agent 1/7

Jimmy Bond must face off against Coldfinger, who is planning to use explosive hamburger meat.

All That Season 1 Ep 4 GB

Good Burger Good Weenie

Good Burger has a new product called the Good Weenie, but of course Ed screws it up.

All That Season 1 Ep 4 VI

Vital Information

All That Season 1 Ep 4 Audience New Look
Kenan Gives An Audience Member a New Look

After getting a haircut, Kenan wonders if he can cut hair himself and experiments on an audience member. This goes horribly wrong when Kenan goes a bit too far.

All That Season 1 Ep 4 VI2

Vital Information

All That Season 1 Ep 4 MGI

Playing with Immature

Kel and Katrina think they are going to get to play music with Immature, but in reality they just wanted to play a board game.

All That Season 1 Ep 4 MG
Musical guest: Immature ("Constantly")


  • First appearance of Jimmy Bond. Most likely, this was originally intended as a one-shot sketch as the next Jimmy Bond sketch wouldn't be until Season Four.
  • First appearance of Lester Oaks construction worker, played by Kenan Thompson. Lester would become a frequent customer at Good Burger.
  • Tim Goodwin, not Dan Schneider, plays the Good Burger manager in this episode and remaining Season One appearances. Schneider's character, Mr. Bailey, wouldn't appear until Episode 216 - Naughty By Nature.
  • Vital Information once again doesn't appear after the first sketch, but later on in the episode.
  • The first of many performances by Immature. They would later perform in Episode 230 - Immature, Episode 340 - Immature, Episode 464 - Immature, and Episode 611 - IMx under their new name "IMx."