Angelique Bates was a cast member for Seasons 1-2.

Her mother got her into the entertainment business since she was 9 months old. She was discovered by a talent agency during a talent competition at the Ivar Theater, who ended up sending her an audition for All That.

Her favorite sketch was Cooking with Randy & Mandy: Dental Dilemma from Episode 216 - Naughty By Nature. Thanks to the Cooking with Randy & Mandy sketches, where she had to eat things that didn't go along well with chocolate, Angelique lost her taste for it for a while.

She left All That after Season 2, because Nickelodeon chose not to renew he contract. Since then, she has performed in other movies and TV shows, along with starting her own music career. She recently released her first single entitled "Don't Fade Me Now." Her most recent movie is 35 and Ticking.[1]


Picture Character


The co-host of Cooking with Randy & Mandy. Mandy was written out of the show after Season Two due to Angelique leaving the cast. The excuse for Mandy's absence was that she went to a chocolate rehabilitation center.



A friend and classmate of Earboy. She has a crush on Earboy, but is too shy to tell him how she really feels.


Penny Lane

Superdude's girlfriend. Milk Man would often kidnap her or threaten her in some way. The role was recast to Alisa Reyes in Season Three, and Christy Knowings for Season Four and Season Five.



Ed's coworker. She was introduced in Episode 107 - Coolio, where she and Ed instantlly fell in love with each other.



Angelique's impression of Jaleel White 's iconic character from Family Matters . Urkel first appeared in the Episode 112 - Usher during the end of the Roseanne Aerobics sketch, revealed to be the replacing instructor.

Urkel later appeared in Episode 114 - Aftermath during the Surprise Marty sketch, where he emerged from the insde of Marty's birthday cake. In the same episode, Urkel was featured in his own sketch entitled "Urkel's Holiday Hits", a parodic commercial of a CD collection of Urkel covering Holiday themed songs.


Pirate Girl

First appeared in Episode 107 - Coolio, during a sketch that kept getting interrupted by an audience vendor. She appeared again in Episode 221 - Twinz during an Island Girls sketch, where she and her fellow pirate (Josh Server) are annoyed to no end by Kiki.


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